Deetken Impact: Ilu Women's Empowerment Fund (LP Units)

Deetken Impact ○


OPIC backs asset manager, Deetken Impact, and mission-driven company, Pro Mujer to empower women in Latin America

Jul 2, 2019


Deetken Impact and Pro Mujer team up to invest in women and girls, delivering strong financial returns and meaningful, measurable social and environmental benefits. The Overseas Private Investment Corporation has committed $10MM to grow the fund. Read more


Rraised Of $20,000,000.00 Goal

Days Remaining 173
Hours 13
Mins 49
Limited Partnerships (LP) Offer. Structure
8% Valuation
5 Years Term

*Capital raised figures include amounts raised both on and off platform. Amounts raised off platform or committed have not been independently verified by SVX.