World Tree Carbon Offset Program - 2018

World Tree COP ○

Question and Answer

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How do you deal with risks like weather and disease?

World Tree plants the trees across dozens of farms many thousands of miles apart. If anything should happen to one plantation, this will not have a significant impact on the overall return to the Partnership.

We have also created a contingency fund to deal with unexpected issues that arise and will replace trees that get damaged.

The Empress Splendor trees are naturally insect repellent and fire retardant.

Are the trees genetically modified or invasive?

No. The trees are bred naturally and the species we use is not invasive.

What experience do you have with this tree?

Our Agronomist, Alex Jay, has over 30 years experience growing Empress Splendor trees all the way from tissue through to timber. Alex personally visits all the farmers to educate and support them in growing the trees.

Investing Rewards

Every investor receives a certificate that confirms the amount of carbon offset. A single unit in the Partnership will offset 1,030 tons of carbon over 10 years.

Note that one of the properties of the tree is that it regrows from the stump after harvest, continuing the cycle of carbon sequestration.


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